In the home, partitions can be used not only to separate large spaces, but also to make better use of space. When it comes to partitions, the best thing about using them is that they have a lot of flexibility in terms of design and materials. Some of the most common materials for dividers are wood, metal, glass, and plastic. In terms of design, they can range from traditional classics to modern ones. Most of these structures use antique partitions.

Some dividers are used only for practical reasons, others for decorative purposes. Ancient partitions serve both purposes to improve the house. These dividers are most commonly used in different types of wood, but you can also get them from glass and metal. The most popular products with oriental patterns and textures. You can find antique partitions in many forms of panels, screens and other types of decorative partitions.

Antique swing doors are often used as items separating the room. Most of these doors are made of wood and decorated with beautiful carvings and ornaments. Also widely available are antique screens with oriental patterns, which can also become an excellent room divider. If you want to divide the space in a traditional and classical style, wooden partitions can be a great idea.

When it comes to using old-style dividers, there are plenty of options. You can choose a full wooden partition, a glass partition or a partition, which uses both materials. Another great option – wooden partitions, lined with antique glass panels. The size you use will depend on the size of the space you share. They not only serve to separate space, but also have a great decorative appeal. One of the advantages of this is that the glass used here can reflect light and thus add the illusion of space.

Another important factor that makes these partitions very common and widely used in interior design is the variety of textures of the old wood for partitions. Partitions are also available in old styles of hand-painted, which look attractive in traditional decor. They serve several purposes, including separating the room and improving the overall design of the living space.