Tying the knot with your head in the clouds is the most amazing feeling you can ever have. Find a fabulous hotel on a beautiful hill and let the chill do all the work for you.

Creating a wedsite for a hill satta matka station wedding is a great idea. It’s the ideal way of providing your guests with details about their accommodation, transport facilities and directions on how to get there. It’s also a good idea to warn guests of the weather there so they can be prepared with coats, shawls and raincoats if necessary.

Ensure that the guests are constantly provided with hot tea or coffee to keep them warm. Alcohol will also help with the cold. If you are planning on having your wedding outdoors, try to cover the place with transparent plastic sheets, so that while you still get to enjoy the beautiful view, you are also protected from the biting cold.

Keeping small pots with hot charcoal in them every couple of feet will give your guests a chance to warm themselves. Serve chai in a matka that can be heated on the charcoal. You can also make it fun for your guests by giving them marshmallows, peanuts or corn on the cob to roast on the charcoal. If you want to make it more exotic, put in a few fondue pots around. Another great idea is to serve guests with Glu Wine, which is a nice hot, spiced wine to keep them warm.

Arrange for the Mehendi ceremony to take place in a warm cozy room with several heaters on. If the bride is getting henna done on her arms and legs, you don’t want her catching a cold.

Ensure that the bride’s and groom’s apparel are made of a thick silk. You don’t want to be freezing when you are exchanging vows. Keep a couple of shawls handy through out the ceremonies, though all your excitement should be able to keep you warm. Also, the sacred pyre is going to keep you warm, so you don’t have to worry too much about the cold.