A Guide to Help You Maintain Your Playground

Maintenance is key and vital to ensure the prolonged and proper life of an object, especially when an object is in constant use. This is true for 메이저놀이터 and their equipments too and as the often-said saying goes, “if you look after your playground, your playground will look after your children who play in it”, goes perfectly with the topic we’ll be covering today.

If the maintenance of a playground isn’t kept well in check, its performance and safety levels drop dramatically and there will soon come a time when the equipment in the playground itself would be rendered useless or too unsafe to play on.

But you can follow these simple steps to extend the life of your playground:

1. Don’t pass out on weekly inspections

Well-designed outdoor play area invite children and teach them to take calculated risks and these risks can quickly turn to the worst if the area isn’t well-maintained. Proper maintenance of playground equipment is necessary for children to take these risks without ruining any of their fun.

You can however, minimize the risks by acquiring weekly inspections and by making sure that the people responsible for the checks know exactly what areas and aspects to look out for the most. Cracked plastic, sharp edges and loose fittings are all things you and the inspection agency you’ve hired, should keep in mind. Weekly inspections of playground equipment are recommended which ensure that all damages, even slight ones, are noted and rectified immediately. Make sure you document all the inspections and be maintained according to a properly set schedule.

Weekly maintenance need not be as extensive as many think they should, but can be as simple as tightening loose bolts and cleaning and surfacing worn out areas and can be carried out by the caretaker or a member of your staff.

2. Thorough annual inspections are crucial

Weekly inspections are needed to take care of slight damages or repair small-scale problems and issues whilst annual inspections make sure that minor and major damages and long-term structural problems and/or changes in standards and vandalism-related issues are dealt with properly. And unlike, weekly inspections, annual inspections need a trained specialist that can assess and document all the damages that come to your playground over the past 12 months.

3. Surfacing & fencing

We agree that it is absolutely essential to make sure that your playground equipment is in full working order, but is also important not to ignore other vital aspects of the play area. Surfacing and fencing are those aspects. The two should be checked for damages on a regular basis and any problems in either should be reported to your provider immediately. Surfacing is a very important part of every playground and it keeps the child safe during play and quality surfacing should always come with a 5-year warranty. So make sure you get yours from a good provider.

4. Equipment chassis maintenance

Before you go out to buy any playground equipment, you must always remember that your provider lets you know of any other vital maintenance, especially if there’s wooden equipment or materials with it. You should always go out for the wooden equipment that has been especially pressure-treated to be protected against decay.

5. Engage the children

You should encourage your children to be actively involved in caring for their play area and you can further help by appointing pupil playground monitors that make rules to preserve the playing equipment and observe it against damages. Children should be encouraged to take an active role in caring for their own play area. This will ensure the maximum preservation of your playground.

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