Buy silver jewelry with awareness and enjoy the new trend

Hundreds of times each of us may have noticed items that are branded and supposedly stamped 925. Yes, this means it is sterling silver. However, this 925 stamp can be bought and stamped on anything by anyone. This is only a guide but not a guarantee. Having a real number plate is different and only applied in shops in the UK where it is a legal requirement to have a full number plate if it exceeds a certain weight. Some may not be visible and may be microscopic, making them impossible to see with the naked eye. Only this can be considered a real guarantee. There are many Chinese fakes that are stamped 925 and rhodium plated which means it’s nothing. So believe in what Silver jewelry from Spoo-Design you see and not everything you see.

Bright and shiny

Ask the seller to voice your concerns and find people who will answer the questions before you trust them. In fact, the silver jewelry bracelets that appear very shiny are not real silver jewelry. Even if you buy silver jewelry as a new trend, keep an eye out for fakes. Here’s how you can learn to spot them. Real silver has grayish color while bright white color is definitely counterfeit item and not silver. This is because they are rhodium plated and not silver plated. Nothing is silver plated these days, everyone uses rhodium which offers a white bright shiny finish. They’re really bright and shiny, but keep this in mind if it seems too cheap and shiny; It is your cue to know that it is not the real silver jewelry you are looking for.


Silver is not expensive but has a low value. The fact remains that no one will sell an item below scrap value. This is another indication that silver jewelry buyers should not be tempted to buy silver bracelets or bangles for pennies, there is no way real solid silver will be available at rock-bottom prices.

Small prints

It is necessary to carefully read lists. The items made of 925 sterling silver are available in countless patterns. These have a very small print on the listing saying they are plated. Of course, this is illegal under hallmarking laws, but buyers need to be careful to stay safe. Buy silver, verify that it is silver color or real silver jewelry, and be sure to read all the fine print. Even if you try to read, you will find out the truth.

If you find that there is no disclaimer and the seller claims it is real silver but you are not really convinced as it seems cheap and too shiny, check the seller’s feedback. Being an ignorant or innocent shopper means you can expect losses. So be wise to grab a bargain and buy real silver jewelry as well. Do not rely solely on the high scores and ratings as these can be easily manipulated.

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