Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Germany

These include the Berlin Wall, brandenburg gate, checkpoint charlie and the Jewish Museum. In the heart of Bavaria, Munich is the best place to explore the beauty of the area. Using the city as a base, you have plenty of options to choose from with the various day trips you can take. One of the most popular is Neuschwanstein Castle; the inspiration for Disney’s archetypal castle, it sits on a mountain an hour from Munich.

Berlin is not only Germany’s capital and largest city, but it is also the cultural center of the nation. Berlin, one of Europe’s most fascinating cities, is vibrant and avant-garde and is the center of Germany’s Fashion, Art and Culture. To make the most of your visit, check off these 20 must-see attractions in Berlin.

There are several winery tours and tastings to choose from throughout the region, as well as plenty of hotels to suit all budgets. Importance – When summer tourists begin to leave, a calm descends on the land. But October ushers in Oktoberfest, which once again brings a wave of thirsty Oktoberfest 2023 travelers to the country. After October, travel and hotel rates begin to drop in direct proportion to the weather and you can enjoy significant discounts on your vacation. As a holiday destination, Germany will spoil you to choose from and give you an unforgettable holiday.

Every corner of the city has its own history and was once part of a brutal dictatorship that fortunately came to an end. There are several places in the city where you can get an idea of Berlin’s rich history. We recommend the Jewish Museum, the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Topography of Terror. Here’s a little more about some of the places where you can get your dose of history. There are 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites here to visit during your visit. Stop at some of the country’s historical museums filled with millions of important artifacts, objects, and works of art from Germany’s rich history.

Held from January to February, locals and visitors take part in fun dances and events that have been held here for centuries. Home to many museums and galleries, this vibrant city is an ideal base for exploring the many other delicacies the country has to offer. And for nature lovers, there is a whole world of possibilities in the German outdoors. You will find very few visitors arriving from January to March, after the end of the holiday, but it is a very cold and dark time to visit with few hours of light. The best time to visit Germany is from July to September, the peak of germany’s high season.

Watch locals venture into their best leather pants to enjoy Hercules feats of drinking beer accompanied by hearty local dishes. Germany doesn’t celebrate Halloween, but it has a festival dedicated to pumpkins. The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival has pumpkin-themed exhibits, pumpkin boat races, and even a European pumpkin championship for the heavier pumpkins. Things to know before the visit: You’ll have to deal with long lines and crowds at most tourist attractions across the country. You will have to pay more for your trip and accommodation in this season and you will have to book your hotel well in advance.

And after all that adventure, end your visit to one of the many good restaurants scattered around the city. This fully preserved and perfect medieval town offers infinite charm. One of the most popular things to do in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is to join a walking tour. For those who prefer to be their own guide, start by picking up a map at one of the tourist offices in the city. There is also a large visitor centre here, which provides a lot of valuable information about all aspects of the island. Another must-see is the small old seaside resort of Putbus, seat of the princes of Putbus and with numerous neoclassical buildings and parks.

If you’re familiar with some simple German words and conversation phrases, you’ll really enjoy visiting and chatting with the locals while you’re out and about in the city! Germans are very social people, so you will find that a visit in the heart of summer will give you the ideal experience with the friendly and welcoming locals. Here you will find museums specialising in culture and art, historical events and even long-standing luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The historic buildings and amazing architecture are a big draw for visitors in Germany.

But in addition to this epic milestone, the city is full of great museums, restaurants, bars, and especially chocolate. If you like sweets, you will certainly enjoy a visit to the Cologne Chocolate Museum. This 4,000-square-foot chocolate wonderland features nine exhibition spaces that teach you all about chocolate culture and history; dating from 3,000 years to the Mayans and Aztecs.

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